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Street Style

Fashion on the streets of New York

No Basic Men

The derisive term basic bitch is all the rage, but anyone with a discerning eye has noticed the abundance of basic-ass men that dominate our culture. From douche bros and dime-a-dozen hipsters, to potbellied fellas in dad jeans and football jerseys, the lack of creativity is depressing. The street style outside of Men's Fashion Week flipped the script with a series of unique looks that raised the bar for guys. Whether it was finishing off an outfit with gender-bending accessories or dabbling in cultural attire, these men took risks.

Stylish gentlemen bridged the east-west gap in Indian/Pakistani-inspired Kurtas that exuded a sophisticated edge. A fashionable male's whimsical twist on the school-boy uniform consisted of pairing a shirt, tie and shorts with a striking pink blazer. And a refined man made a splash wearing a skinny-fit purple suit that was perfectly tailored for his physique.

As these fashion-forward gentlemen illustrate, our sartorial choices are infinite; especially, when we're willing to cross heteronormative lines.