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Sunday with a Street Style Genius

On Sunday, I headed over to Tompkins Square Park to catch up with Bay Area native and current Williamsburg resident, Shalon Cook. I met this stylish "It Girl" by chance when I photographed her roommate for an upcoming issue of Dauphine Magazine. We kept in contact, and she was gracious enough to pose for a few photos and chat about her style for the blog.

As the sun rained down on the East Village,  Shalon and I set up shop on the corner of East 8th and Avenue B. This is my third meeting with the California transplant, and each time, her distinct look has blown me away. Her style is reminiscent of 80's era Prince music, in the sense that it's singular, challenging, always on point and charts a new course, while bearing a signature that makes it immediately recognizable. "I dress according to my mood," she says when I inquire about how she comes up with such amazing ensembles. She continues, "I never pick out an outfit the day before. And I hate packing for vacations because I can't predict how I'll feel during the trip."

While we talked, I was impressed by her individuality, creativity and risk taking. I was also blown away by the way she seamlessly blends disparate pieces into a remarkably stylish whole. Her vintage New York Mets Jersey, retro sunglasses with colored lenses, studded choker and silver Doc Martens drew approving stares from passers by. Her stunning grey locks prompted a bar patron to shout "I love your hair!" as we walked St. Mark's Place. When I tell her that people have been admiring her look all day, she wryly states that they're probably wondering why she put those pieces together.

An impending birthday engagement brings our time to a close. We stop for coffee and sweets (her favorite) at Spot Dessert Shoppe, then head over to Nolita to finish off the afternoon. Before parting ways on Elizabeth Street, I thank her for participating in one of my favorite shoots and for giving me a glimpse into the mind of a street-style genius. In a world of uninspiring, basic-ass people, Shalon is the real deal.