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Throwback Thursday: Love & Diversity in Chaos

All smiles with the Brooklyn Bridge and strangers in the background

I was looking through old files and stumbled across four intriguing photos that were taken in September of 2013. Despite the surrounding chaos, each couple jockeyed to get the perfect shot for their wedding albums. These photos, in my opinion, capture the random beauty of living in New York. 

A little background: I was busy photographing around Brooklyn Bridge Park on a late Saturday evening, when I became enamored with the seemingly endless parade of couples taking wedding photos. Smiling brides with perfectly coiffed hair and gorgeous white gowns were radiant, while their beaming fiancées wore black tuxes for the occasion.

The wedding party draws the attention of tourists and locals 

What made this otherwise routine event noteworthy, however, was the multiculturalism which perfectly reflects the staggering diversity of New York City. It was a side of New York that is rarely captured in the mainstream media, which often whitewashes the city in an order to appeal to the broadest audience. I understand their intentions as media companies are in the business of making money (I've been guilty of it myself on this site as well so I can't throw stones). Nevertheless, these four photographs crystallize what makes us put up with the cramped apartments, extreme weather and daily grind of living in such a massive and overcrowded city. The awe-inspiring diversity, never-ending inspiration, constant energy all around us, and our collective striving for something better in the face of overwhelming odds are what makes this city unlike anywhere else. Most of all, to see such a broad range of people marking life's milestones in their own unique way typifies what's best about America. 

Striking a pose with the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Empire State Building in the frame

Chaotic intermission