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Fashion on the streets of New York

In Winter Rainbows: NYFW Street Style Day 2

Fashionable Pairs

Who says you can't wear pastels in the dead of winter? The fashionable risk takers outside of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Fall 2014 didn't get the memo as their remarkable outfits spanned the visible spectrum. From crimson outerwear and pink handbags, to white pants and sky blue shoes, the street style salute to spring provided visual warmth on a bitterly cold day. Several attendees favored traditional winter colors, but used complex patterns to add a fashionable twist. However, the standouts on day 2 added a splash of color to take their looks to the next level. 

Headwear was also impressive with berets, sailor hats, and mouse ears adding a playful touch to several ensembles.  

Looking good in Leather

Freezing temperatures are expected again tomorrow. Here's hoping that vibrant outfits will continue to inspire warm thoughts on day 3.