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Aviators & Trench Coats: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

Robert Shaw as Blue

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three is a classic New York heist film, featuring a who's who of cinematic icons. This 1974 crime drama revolves around four mustachioed hijackers commandeering a downtown 6 train with the intention of holding the passengers for ransom. This gritty, riveting and comedic film has been reviewed thousands of times. So, in the interest of brevity, I will simply say that the accolades are warranted as this is a must-see flick. 

Robert Shaw working the fedora, bow tie & trench

Hector Elizondo as Grey

Style wise, the Taking of Pelham One Two Three features a colorful cast of characters wearing outfits that range from conservative to the outlandish. However, the gang of robbers steals the show (no pun intended) with a range of classically understated accessories that can be used to finish off any look. With their tortoise-shell aviators, neckties, bow ties, trench coats and hats, these on-screen criminals rank among the best dressed in cinematic history. 

Walter Matthau rocking the plaid shirt, yellow tie and tweed blazer

Starring Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, Jerry Stiller and James Broderick, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three was directed by Joseph Sargent.