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Impeccable Style: Monica Vitti in L'Avventura


Michelangelo Antonioni's L'Avventura (the Adventure) is a visual masterpiece that chronicles the search for a woman who mysteriously disappears during a yachting trip. The fruitless search reveals a great deal about the participants' self-indulgent lives and lack of humanity, which boils over into a shocking affair between the missing woman's boyfriend and best friend. Filmed in Rome, Sicily, and the Aeolian Islands, L'Avventura is an intellectually-stimulating masterpiece that turns a critical eye to the idle rich and post-modern life.

L'Avventura also contains some of the finest fashions ever featured on the silver screen. Monica Vitti's blonde locks and perfectly-tailored outfits are the stuff of legend. From gorgeous dresses, fisherman's sweaters, pencil skirts, and deep V back one piece swimsuits, to button-down blouses, bold prints, oversized handbags, and the finest Italian footwear, Vitti's wardrobe in the film is simply stunning.

Released in 1959, L'Avventura stars Gabriele Ferzetti, Monica Vitti, and Lea Massari.