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Brooklyn Style: She's Gotta Have It

Cue up the boom box and dust off your Air Jordan's as we appreciate the cinematic style of Spike Lee's landmark debut film, She's Gotta Have It. Released in 1986, this timeless classic chronicles the life and times of a desirable and rebellious spirit as she circumvents societal constraints and monogamous relationships. Tracy Camilla Jones stars as Nola Darling, an artistic and stylish 1980's libertine who found the secret to the perfect relationship: openly dating three distinct men.

Running a little under 90 minutes, She's Gotta Have It is a beautifully written film that challenges ideas about relationships and monogamy. Moreover, the film's captivating cinematography perfectly captures 1980's Brooklyn in all of its gritty, frenetic, and artistic glory.


Fashion wise, She's Gotta Have It runs the gamut of 1980's style, from the Air Jordan 1, Button-up Starter Jackets, "BROOKLYN" cycling caps, drop earrings, and tanks, to natural hair styles, skinny fit suits, oversized blouses, high-waisted jeans, and vintage Cazal frames. 1980's fashion has been on the rise over the last few years, and the film offers an array of ideas to finish off your look.

Nola's boyfriends: Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon, John Canada Terrell as Greer Childs and Tommy Redmond Hicks as Jamie Overstreet.